Phones Review: How are we doing? Let me know

Hi there, James here, I’ve been with Phones Review for a while now, and I like to think we do a pretty good job at bringing all our readers an unbiased view of the mobile world; what is available, what is coming, and when it’s likely to be launched or released.

Phones Review’s job is to keep our readers up-to-date and informed on the latest information to be found out in the big mobile arena. We hope we do this well, and we will continue to grow and bring our readers the latest mobile technology news and reviews available, and also that our readership will continue to expand.

However, only our reader’s feedback can point out any failings Phones Review may have, and if any in what areas. So what I would like to do is, invite our readership to express their views on how well Phones Review is doing, if we are failing in any particular area, if there is more you wish to be notified about, and if we can make your experience with Phones Review more enjoyable.

With your suggestions, we at Phones Review will endeavour to take aboard your comments and where possible implement them to make Phones Review, and your own experience with us more pleasurable. Your feedback is important to us.

Feel free to email us or pop your suggestion in the comment box.
We look forward to reading them.



One thought on “Phones Review: How are we doing? Let me know”

  1. Hormaz Billimoria says:

    Hi Guys you all are doing a great job and there’s not much to complain about, but we in India would be happy if you could come up with more news about the iphone and the Indian Market. Thanks.

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