RIM, Google Android and Apple: Develop with the best

Could Wireless operators lose control due to Research in Motion (RIM), Google and Apple mobile App stores? It wasn’t so long ago that wireless operators were the controllers to all applications and content that made it onto the mobile phones now it’s a playground for developers.

With Google opening its Android developers site yesterday and RIM announcing they will be opening one soon, Apple are now not alone branding specifically for its own operating system, Now BlackBerry and T-Mobile’s Google G1 users can also reap the benefits from the on-line stores.

If we take the Apple App store that opened Summer 2008, we have seen a vast amount of software apps and games designed to run on the iPod Touch and iPhone and according to Apple over 100 million applications have been downloaded from the App store from July 11 to the beginning of September with over 3,000 application available.

It’s good news all round with the new app stores launching with consumers being able to chose exactly what they want for their mobiles, and for developers being able create and distribute their applications, but it’s not such great news for operators as they start to lose control of what is put on their devices.

Source: cnet