Text Guard monitors your Kids: Do you love them?

Parents will say they are protecting their child, whilst the child will say their parents are spying on them, so who’s right and who’s wrong? Text Guard is a software which basically allows parents to keep tabs on their child’s text messages.

It’s very simple to use, you literally just have to install your monitoring software on your computer and then on each phone and then bingo you can see all the texts that have been received and of course the one which have been sent.

The software doesn’t stop at just seeing what your children are up to, it will then allow you to block anyone who is texting your child who you believe is a “bad influence” or someone you just don’t want your child to have contact with.

The Text Guard software is available to download for a free 60-day trial and then it will cost $11.95 a month which generally goes to show the company knows you will be happy with the results.

Of course Parents who are worried about what their children are getting up to will to very tempted to buy Text Guard, it could stop possible bullying or possibly your child getting into a wrong crowd or involved with an older man.

But, we reckon that maybe a lot of wives might install the software on their husband’s or boyfriend’s phones, or even the other way round, I guess as an adult its best to keep your mobile close to your chest when there is software like this available.

source: collegeotr


2 thoughts on “Text Guard monitors your Kids: Do you love them?”

  1. Sean M says:

    I read about this in the papers and now have seen several blogs repeating the same story, however, there is no link to where one can initiate the trial…have only seen “softcab” as the text guard owner, but there is nothing on the site that indicates this is real. Any more info?

  2. Natalie Whinehouse says:

    This is very wrong. Children need their privacy. It's their time to be young and make mistakes. You can't shelter them forever, if you do they'll turn around and rebel against you. This is a bad idea.

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