Launch of Android G1 Phones seems pretty quiet

Well, with all the build up and shouting about the arrival of the Google Android T-Mobile G1 the actual launch doesn’t appear to have caused that much of a stir in the mobile community. No sighs of anything like the frenzy that the Apple iPhone 3G produced on launch.

The overall picture of those wanting the T-Mobile G1 does seem a bit lacklustre. For example, at the Harvard Square T-Mobile location in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 5 people braved the drizzle to stand and queue for their T-Mobile G1. A somewhat disappointing turnout when you consider in nearby downtown Boston hundreds queued for the Apple iPhone 3G.

According to the national director of business development for T-Mobile, the biggest sales of the G1 were at downtown Boston where the T-Mobile retail store sold 20 G1 units in the first hour. (Wow, a whole 20!)

Does this mean then that the Google Android based T-Mobile G1 isn’t going to be as popular as first expected? One thing is for sure, Apple have nothing to worry about.

Source — pcworld