Android Apps: Where to go to get G1 Applications

Ok, the Google Android T-Mobile G1 is out, you’ve got hold of the latest mobile technology to hit the streets, and you’ve played around with the all new experience of the Google Android. So now maybe you’d like to grab hold of a few Android applications to try out.

The Google Android Apps market went live with the G1 so you’ll probably try there first, but it isn’t the only place to get hold of Android applications. Places like MobiHand and Handango also have app stores.

With the new Android, for apps you need to shop around. The Android is compared to the iPhone, when really the Android should be compared to Windows Mobile, and this has given rise to a few sites that offer Android apps.

So don’t just stick with the Google Android app store, take a look at Handango Android app site and MobiHand’s OnlyAndroid.com as choices are as wide ranging as prices.

Source — nytimes