BlackBerry and iPhone call tagging

This is a great idea for BlackBerry or iPhone users, if you need to make notes regarding a particular phone call but you do not have a pen and paper handy, there is a nifty little software coming out that serves the purpose of tagging notes on your calls.

The Software called Momentum by a company called Redmond Technologies should be available for all Blackberry’s, the Bold, Storm, Pearl before the year is out. However it will take a little longer for it to be available for the Apple iPhone. Redmond will also be bringing the software to Window Mobile based devices and Symbian-based phones in the future.

The software basically allows you to organize your call history more efficiently. You will be able to search through your call history using an encrypted online application. You then will be-able to gain access to your call history, allowing business users to bill clients more accurately for expenses and resources and generally keep tabs on the call and recap on the call time after time and go right back into your call history.

President of Redwood, Terry Hughes said that the software may expand onto Music tagging on software like iTunes allowing the user to tag their music downloads.

Source: phonescoop


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  1. Ken Gordon says:

    The software is actually called Momentem. But, more important, you got the company name right the third time – it is Redwood Technologies (not Redmond – they are someone else 🙂 ).

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