Apple iPhone GPS used to propose marriage?

The Apple iPhone has gained a new use, the art of proposing marriage would you believe? Apparently, Californian resident Dan Deeble actually proposed to his girlfriend by his Apple iPhone this week…and she accepted.

It may sound geeky or even unromantic and impersonal, but Dan didn’t propose by a simple text message or even a lame email, but according to a report, Dan used a free Apple iPhone app called Scribular, which works with the iPhone’s GPS to tag specific locations with notes which are readable by other iPhoners who use the Scribular app.

Dan brought girlfriend Crystal an iPhone with Scribular loaded and led her on a virtual hunt before popping the big question. Dan told Crystal to check Scribular throughout the day which leads her to several notes that Dan had placed around Sacramento.

Source — wired


One thought on “Apple iPhone GPS used to propose marriage?”

  1. I always new that the iPhone was a marriage (with Apple) that was made in heaven. Lucky girl to have such a creative fiance. Hope he keeps up the surprises after you tie the knot.

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