Cable TV provider Cox to compete with AT T and Verizon

Cox Communication Inc. is getting ready to announce that by next year it will have its own cellular network up and running, this will step up cable’s competition with phone companies such as AT T and Verizon, it’s said that the announcement will be made on Monday.

Cox had spent $550 million on licenses to use the airwaves that gave a good indication that they were interested in building a wireless network. However, spectrums purchases do not always lead to the building of a network, and there had been no detailed plans from Cox.

Cox who is based in Atlanta plans to build its own network in its cable service area, have also partnered with Sprint Nextel Corp. for roaming outside of Cox’s own network.

The Spectrum licenses that Cox brought were for Las Vegas, Neb., Omaha, San Diego, New Orleans, Atlanta and much of Southern New Mexico and Kansas, 23 million people are covered within these area’s according to Cox’s vice president of wireless, Stephen Bye.

The wireless phone service will be added to Cox’s internet, phone and video services which will head off competition from major phone companies such as Verizon Communications Inc., and AT T.

Source: APgoogle