Gameloft secure Far Cry 2 license for mobile

Ok Far Cry 2 enthusiasts, start your rejoicing because your most favourite shoot-em-up game is hitting the mobile arena in the near future enabling your to play your game anywhere. Gameloft has secured the license for Far Cry 2 for mobile.

Mobile gamers will be fighting on foot and motorbike covering a cool ten levels set in Africa, and the gamer will be fighting against the Jackal and his evil cohorts. The mobile gamer will be fighting in jungles and deserts with an array of weaponry such as sniper rifle, flame thrower, grenades, and mine detectors.

The word is the mobile games publishers said that we’ll like the 2D visuals and overall atmosphere, and the first screens do look impressive, and Far Cry 2 for mobile should be hitting stores soon.

Source — pocketgamer