HELP: Support Our Troops Live Aid 2009

We here at Phones Review want to do everything in our power to get the word out about “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS LIVE AID EVENT @ 02 ARENA LONDON 2009”, we are calling all Bloggers, Celebrities, Readers, News Groups and just about every conceivable person to step forward and help a really good cause.

I personally have very close friends who are soldiers and it was one of them that told me about this special event that many are trying to organize as we speak, at the moment a Facebook group has being done where Mal Franks is working with a fellow soldier who is still serving who has been to Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Many people are at the moment trying to organize one of the biggest events ever in the hope to support our British Troops, the event will hopefully if all goes according to plan be on the stage at Wembley Stadium and O2 Arena.

We need to support them and get as many names as possible to help them achieve this; so far Officers of the group are going to have a meeting on Sunday 30th November 2008 at 1400hrs which has definitely been confirmed. The Facebook Group that was created say

“Ok here is an update, Myself, Tony and Kirsty met on Sunday to talk over the concert and went very well. We have a lot of support on this like yourselves willing to help in anyway. At the moment there is no date set or tickets on sale. We are very eager to get an Event Company to help us take off, and then it will be all hands on deck.

The Officers from the group are working very very hard in getting sponsors, Acts, pop stars, TV Companies, News papers to help, some have said that they will once a date is confirmed.
We at the Troops Live Aid Team want to thank you in coming part of the growing support for this show to happen. If you know of famous people or the above Companies that want to help or sponsor, please inform the Officers of the group in their Job spec.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Update and fingers crossed we get something very very soon”.

Phones Review wishes for all those interested in making all this happen to contact us here https://www.phonesreview.co.uk/contact/ please do not be shy as we really want this to happen, we want this to happen, we want this to be successful as it is for a good cause, we love our British Troops because they are doing an amazing job who risk their lives to keep our lives save.

Please contact us if you have anything that could possibly help, if you are a fellow blogger please contact us, if you are a celebrity, please please help sponsor a good cause.

You can join the Facebook Group Here.

Real Music MK website says “We are currently in talks with other organisers about arranging a Live Aid gig to support our troops at The O2 Arena in 2009”.