Palm Treo Pro Vs BlackBerry Bold: competitor or not?

Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a mighty smartphone so could the guys over at Palm come close with their latest Palm Treo Pro? We take a quick look at both smartphones and see how they stack up.

The BlackBerry Bold runs on market leaders RIM platform and is described as the ‘breakthrough in 3G BlackBerry’ and is reported to be available stateside from November 4 with a price tag of $299.99 this is also the first BlackBerry to support HSDPA networks around the globe.

The BlackBerry Bold although slight chunkier than the Palm Treo has a more quality look with its satin chrome frame and leatherette back plate.

Looking past the good looks of the Bold, the screen is 480×320, has a video-enabled 2.0 mega pixel camera with 5x digital zoom, built in GPS, WiFi and optimized web browser, 1GB onboard memory that can expand up to 16GB, a redesigned QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth 2.0, advanced multimedia player, SIVR, VAD, and is compatible with over 60 international 3G networks.

Research in Motion have strengthened its BlackBerry Brand with the Bold with features such as allowing the Bold user to talk and browse the web or look at data applications at the same time, a spoken turn by turn GPS direction application, the Bold has almost everything you could expect from a smartphone but does not have a touchscreen.

The Palm Treo Pro main new features would be the GPS which is assisted or stand-alone plus 802.11b.g Wi-Fi with WPA, and 801.1x authentication it is compatible with HSDPA networks and EDGE which you can use as a wireless broadband modem joined to your notebook plus the Treo Pro has a quad-band GSM, tri-band UMTS. You have 256MB online storage and a microSDHC slot that supports up to 32GB. It also has infra-red, Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR.

The software included for the Palm Treo Pro is Sat-Nav which is far better than some mobile sat-navs it also sports a 2-megapixel camera and video capture plus a 3.5- millimeter headphone jack. You also get Windows Media, MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word all in mobile versions on the Palm Treo.

The Treo Pro has a 2.5-inch display with its resolution at 320×320. It’s extremely light and comfortable in your hand and has a full touchscreen although it does have a plastic shell. One great feature is the stylus that is very useful when using the touchscreen.

So to sum up the two phones, BlackBerry Brand is a market leader in smartphones but Palm have come up with a serious competitor, although I don’t feel the Treo Pro would win over the BlackBerry Bold. However it does have larger expandable storage, a touchscreen and a nifty little stylus whereas the Bold is rammed full of features and has a much better QWERTY keyboard and quality look to the device. Although it’s up to personal taste, you can also purchase the Palm Treo Pro unlocked which is a plus to the device, although with a hefty $500 price tag.

Whats your opinion on the two smartphones do you feel that Palm can come anywhere close to BlackBerry?

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11 thoughts on “Palm Treo Pro Vs BlackBerry Bold: competitor or not?”

  1. Kwality says:

    “you can also purchase the Palm Treo Pro unlocked which is a plus to the device, although with a hefty $500 price tag. ”

    Funny that the ‘comparison’ only mentions the $299 price tag for the Bold. Unlocked, the Blackberry Bold comes with a $679 price tag.

    The Treo Pro (only available unlocked) was murdered in the press over the $549 price while the Blackberry Bold $679 price (unlocked) appears to have been overshadowed by the $299 (locked) AT&T contracted price.

    I think the $549 Treo Pro definitely gives the *unlocked* $679 Blackberry Bold shopper something to think about.

  2. Dave says:

    So can the Bold teather to a PC? Can it run Slingbox or something comparible? Can it access a PC Desktop (Remote Desktop)? Does it have Direct Push email from an Exchange server without any additional expensive server software (BES)? I think not, my opion is the Treo Pro a much better device!

  3. i personally like the treo pro better than any blackberry. im actually on the treo right now typing this. i was going to get the bb bold…but chose the treo instead. i like it because its kinda like the blackberry and a palm combined so i get the best of both worlds

  4. R. Gifford says:

    I own a Treo Pro now (today is 4-21-10) over a year. I really like it. I purchased it on contract for much less than 500plus $. (Alltel-now Verizon). I use the MS included apps. They work nice. The web even connected via wi-fi on my home network is somewhat chunky but usable. However not nearly as seamless as a full blown laptop. Photos… ya gott hold it real still, but theyre average for a 2m camera.
    It does all I want in a phone. Battery life is still great. I haven't needed to purchase even one app outside what came with it. I use the free Google app and it's mapping gps works great with it.
    Within a year I'll want a unit that comes close to supplant a laptop esp. in the web dept. Other than that the Treo Pro is a homerun.

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