BlackBerry Storm, iPhone, G1, Nokia: Visible in direct sun?

If you own a touchscreen mobile like the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile G1 or maybe the Nokia 5800 or maybe one of Research in Motions BlackBerry devices, whatever mobile phone you have it’s very likely that you have problems viewing the screen when sitting in direct sunlight. Or maybe you have tried to work outside with your laptop and had to give up due to lack of screen visibility. Samsung have come up with a new technology that could see an end to the sun and screen problems we have all been faced with.

Yes, the clever guys over at Samsung Electronics and Unidym have created the world’s first ever carbon nanotube-based colour active matrix electrophoretic display (EPD) e-paper. That does sound extremely technical, but with the carbon nanotubes having such extraordinary mechanical, thermal and electrical properties the EPD gains huge advantages over today’s flat panel displays.

Plus because the screens carbon nanotubes allows the screens to be extremely thin, they can be used for a variety of technologies such as mobile phones, touchscreen mobile phone like the BlackBerry Storm, game consoles, laptops and much more. The reason the EPD can be seen in such direct sunlight is due to low power consumption.

We would love to know what you think of your mobile phones visibility in direct sun, have you had any problems? We have heard from some iPhone owners that it’s not so much the screen glare but more the fingerprint and smudges that makes the iPhone difficult to see, so if you have the Apple iPhone, T-Mobile G1, Nokia 5800 or maybe had the chance to test the BlackBerry Storm or any other handset for that matter, lets debate who has the most visible screen in the sun?

Source: phonescoop


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