RIM BlackBerry sued for patent infringement

Maker of mobile device management software, Mformation, has said that they have sued Blackberry maker Research In Motion for patent infringement. According to the lawsuit which was filed in Northern California, Research In Motion is infringed on two of Mformation’s patents.

The patents in question are U.S. Patent Nos. 6,970,917 and 7,343,408, and Mformation claim RIM is infringing by making, using and selling BlackBerry mobile phones and their management software.

Mformation issued a statement saying: “After refusing to license Mformation’s disclosed systems and software, RIM modified its BlackBerry software to include Mformation’s patented systems and methods of remote management.”

However, Mformation has not made public what recompense they are seeking should they win the lawsuit.

Source — Cnet

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