iTunes fans can now synchronise over networks with TuneRanger

TuneRanger will allow you to synchronize your iTunes music and video libraries over your computer network, even if one is on PC and the other is a Mac.

This clever software allows you to keep your iTunes up to date on any computer, allowing you to purchase a song on your home computer and then sync with your iTunes on your laptop whilst on the move or you could wait and listen to it on your office computer via a network and your TuneRanger software. This is great for iPhones, give it a go and see what you think.

The main features on the TuneRanger software is the ability to synchronisation your iTunes by merging or copying your music including your playlists, video and of course your music, the ability to cross platform network and it will also allow you to sync iPods bi-directionally to any iTunes library.

You can also manage your files in case of duplicated, orphans or disconnected media files. You can buy TuneRanger for $29.99 at Buy.com.

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