Embedded video virus can kill Apple iPhone

Piergiorgio Zambrini, apparently has discovered a bug which can cause your Apple iPhone to crash when it begins to play a specially created video. Piergiorgio Zambrini is a hacker who failed to gain employment with Apple.

Piergiorgio Zambrini recently generated a great deal of internet buzz by showing details about a vulnerability that he found that could shut down millions of Apple iPhones, Apple iPods and Apple computers.

Piergiorgio Zambrini, 38, states he could embed a virus into a video which would crash and Apple iPhone and force a reboot; this is the same guy who generated big news last year when his code unlocked the Apple iPhone.

Security experts have said that hackers could use the virus to remotely kill Apple products; however Zambrini is apparently send the details to Apple so they can develop a patch.

Source — Forbes


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