T-Mobile G1 at Wal-Mart now for $179.99

The Google Android T-Mobile G1 is now with Wal-Mart carrying a price that is actually cheaper than going direct to T-Mobile stores. The price Wal-Mart is offering the G1 for is $179.99 with a two year contract.

The strange thing is though that on the Wal-Mart website they state “Price varies by store” so does this mean that the $179.99 is an online purchase only piece?

So if the $179.99 is indeed an online purchase price, just how much do the stores vary by? Could some, as the Americans call it, Wally-World stores sell the T-Mobile G1 for the same T-Mobile price or maybe more?

Any American readers like to pop over to their local Wally-World and check out the pricing? I’d be interested to know the outcome.

Source — walmart

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