Ten reasons to buy the BlackBerry Storm over the iPhone 3G

With the BlackBerry Storm arriving in the UK on Vodafone tomorrow (14th November), I decided to give you the top ten reasons why to buy the Storm over the Apple iPhone, however the choice is ultimately yours, which one will you go for?

1. it has a 3.2 megapixel camera which also has an inbuilt flash (beats T-Mobile G1 and iPhone) 2. the BlackBerry Storm has a Removable battery (iPhone doesn’t) 3. you get a 3.5mm Stereo input which allows you to buy better quality earphones, (the T-Mobile G1 lacks this option) 4. The Storm packs a mighty screen boasting 12.5 percent more picture element than the Apple iPhone, this will give you better clarity in your viewing experience, plus the screen is a more traditional viewing shape than the iPhone with a 4:3 ratio compared with the iPhone 9:6 ratio. 5. you can use your Storm as a USB dongle broadband modem for your laptop as standalone (Apple iPhone doesn’t allow this service at the moment).

6. The BlackBerry Storm supports Microsoft’s WMV, WMA/WMA ProPlus which iPhone and Android doesn’t support plus a whole host of other video and audio file formats. 7. you get a 1GB microSD card with your Storm but you can also expand it up to 16GB. (This puts it on a level footing with its competitors) 8. The Storm supports backend Email Solutions including Triple DES encryption and AES for all security minded users. 9. you can you the MMS (Multimedia Messaging System) feature on the BlackBerry Storm which allows you to send messages via text without being connected wirelessly, iPhone does not support this. 10. The Storm has a QWERTY keyboard with a great technology called Clickthrough, which gives you the feeling of actually typing on a real keyboard with sound and touch, this feature will allow you to type much faster than on the iPhone.

Let us know if you you will be ordering your RIM BlackBerry Storm tomorrow on Vodafone and what has made you chose it over the iPhone 3G or T-Mobile G1?

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20 thoughts on “Ten reasons to buy the BlackBerry Storm over the iPhone 3G”

  1. Paul Haywood says:

    Ordered one of these a few days ago via the Vodafone website for some of the reasons outlined above but primarily for its support of email etc. I also took into consideration the fact that the Storm is free on a £35 a month contract as opposed to £160 for the iPhone. Also, Vodafone were offering free landline calls on one of their tariffs so, no brainer. Haven’t used a Blackberry before or an iPhone but for me, Apple shot their toes off when they ‘locked out’ the iPod (can’t play this format, can’t play that format). RIM appear to be making a stand against this ‘ethos’ and for that, they have acquired my support.

  2. WiltsGeek says:

    I have the Pearl at the moment, which has served me well for 18 months, but I have got the Storm coming on a free upgrade.
    I am expecting my Storm to be despatched on Friday 14th.
    When I have it, I will let you know what I think.

  3. Borsheat says:

    All these features are all fine and dandy but the lack of Wi-Fi is completely unacceptable in this day and age. I had such high hopes for the Storm and was ready to purchase it. But I really don’t care about all the bells and whistles if I have to use my cell phone carrier in my house where I have a wireless router to surf the internet.


  4. Cit1@hotmail.com says:

    The iphone is a great thing but with all its flaws met the storm looks like an Iphone beater! I’m gonna get a Sony Erricson Xperia X1 though! touchscreen is fun but even with the Storms tricks I still need a keyboard…

  5. Jeff says:

    There are several other reasons than those already covered why the Storm is my choice for now. First, I want true push email without paying more for the benefit. Second, I want a device that permits batch email deletion. The iPhone requires “touching” each email you wish to delete. Third, I prefer to use a separate phone for calls and a pda for email. With Verizon here in the US, there is a blackberry email only plan for $35 a month. The minimum plan on AT&T for the iPhone is $70 a month, which includes 450 minutes per month of calls, which I don’t want to use on my email device/blackberry.

  6. James says:

    I am waiting for my Storm to arrive. Was supposed to come on Friday but Vodaphone have “had a new system put in” for their ordering system (rubbish) which means my order got…..forgot…..

    If I dont like it, in comparison to the iphone for functionality – i.e. if the internet is slow at home since there is no WIFI and if zooming in isn’t as easy as with the Iphone it will be going straight back in the box.

    Vodaphone have hardly impressed me so far – I got cut off from their services department three times today. Nightmare

  7. stu says:

    I have a storm and all i can say is get one! Everyone seems to missing the major points here…o2 dont really have any 3g network coverage!!!! Unlike vodafones. Price plans are alot better so why wouldn’t you???

    Comment above? For a start this guy James hasnt even spelled VODAFONE CORRECT! and what makes you so special…go into a shop and get a demo i did then you’ll know if you like it!

  8. Paul Haywood says:

    Hi James.

    I’m suprised by that response from Vodafone to be honest. I pre-ordered my Storm on the 10th November and Vodafone told me it would be dispatched on the 14th. Low and behold, it turned up on the 15th…brilliant! Still trying to work the thing out mind…that might take a little time yet. One thing I would say is, the supplied documentation is poor and the Blackberry website is not that much better (although there does appear to be a forum available). One other thing…registration to Vodafone’s website requires an account number, this they say, can be found on your bill…not much use to a new customer yet to receive a bill?!? Vodafone…pull your bloody finger out!

  9. James says:

    Stu, Oh god sorry Sir I wrote ‘phone’ instead of ‘fone’. That obviously means that I am an idiot. Perhaps Vodafone spelt their own name wrong…ever thought of that…? Do you realise that the word ‘fone’ is actually not in the dictionary?

    I have been following the launch of the Storm for about 6 months and have read lots and lots about it. Haven’t quite got enough time to play around in store with a phone because I work full time….sorry if I upset you.

    Still ‘Vodafone’ have said they will give me a free car holder so I have to forgive them. And I am using their sim at the moment and their coverage is much better than what I got from Orange.

    Paul, glad to see you are happy with your Storm. Mine is coming on Tuesday now… Also you know its much more to figure out how to use a phone without the manual anyway!

    As regards the registration, I had the same problem! A bit silly. I had to get my account number from my Direct Debit form.

  10. lee stewart says:

    Hi Guys,

    Got my Blackberry Storm im well impressed although it says it syncs with itunes which it has but has only transfered some of my songs it will not transfer my movies or my videos and even some of my purchased itunes songs could someone help me out in this matter.

    Many Thanks


  11. Hi i got a storm for a upgrade to it only took them 2 weeks to send it me because of the high demand, i have the Blackbery Bold as well which they upgraded to the storm, ok heres what i think,

    Storm, it is the’e heavest smartphone on the market and it is a bulge in ya pocket, but if you want a big screen u need a big phone, it did take a while to get use to i found the acceloromiter very senseitive( thts the bit of technology that when you turn the screen layout turns,) so when ur learning to use it and your typing i kinda tilted it to the side abit and then i was typing side ways on the phone, lol its wierd but its gd wen u use to it. i put a movie on and tested tht and WOW its actually imense its brilliant not to mention the sound quality and listing thru ur headfones its better althou they r not comfee in ya ears, kida onesize for all ears, but it is a 3.5mm jack so u can buy any normal headfones,
    Now vodafone boast about the 3G signal bla bla i actually dont get a good signal in my area so it suck but just on GPRS its not much slower tbh maybe a few millisecounds sinsce when did we start counting those, so dont let tht put you off with the no WI-FI althou they could of rammed this in there some where,
    in a nutshell, its worth having for a free upgrade, but i dont no if u seen, people have been asking for the storm as upgrades and floggin them off on EBAY selling at £350+ some near the £400mark, hmmm..
    Do vodafone actually care about tht is tht y there jus so hard to get hold of people dont actually want it they jus want to make some quick cash, tempting isnt it,!

    as i said i have the bold and i cannot fault it 1 bit, does everthig the storm does has same sound quality same quality screen 65,000 colours jus slightly smaller, can i make do with it for another yr and make a quick buck at the same time hell ya!!

    end of the day depends what u want it for, with any blackberry, if ur into msn yahoo, icq skype etc and facebook surfing the general net, smart and bold are both good fones for tht

    STORM 8/10

    BOLD 9/10

    THTS My review, short and sweet,

    P.S im a bad speller and spell words in SLANG how they sound, so dont waist ya time critisizing other peoples grammer,

    Peace out

  12. James says:

    I thought it was time I returned to this forum to add my view of the Storm now I have had it for a couple of weeks and have had time to look at all the features.

    The storm is, overall, a brilliant form.

    In addition to the above, so not to repeat things, there are some excellent features – such as the usual blackberry auto off and on function, as well as a really good looking ‘bed side’ mode which turns your blackberry into a smart looking alarm clock which displays the time just like any other alarm clock all night and auto dims itself. It also has the function to switch off all email/phone calls so nothing will wake you until the alarm goes off.

    However I have noticed a few annoying things that I hope will be sorted out in future updates…

    1. you have to turn off encryption/protection of contacts in order to always display their name/picture when they call, otherwise frequently only their number displays and you dont always know who is calling.

    2. when entering the lovely bedside mode, when the blackberry is on landscape view, it gets confused when it auto locks its screen, and doesn’t return to alarm clock mode- but it does seem to when in portrait…

    3. another note on portrait/landscape is that I would like to see an option somewhere accessible in order to lock the phone on portrait/landscape because it can be quite annoying if you generally use your phone one way or the other when it flips over if you hold it at particular angles – which makes viewing portrait view in bed particularly difficult sometimes!

    4. another additional feature and i know people will hate me saying this because of the ‘revolutionary’ push screen thing but for those moments again when you are in bed and dont want to wake your partner up with ‘tap tap tapping’ of the screen, it would be nice if you could switch off the push screen function of the phone so just tapping buttons would select them.


    overall though, i have to say i am very impressed.

    The sat nav is as good as any tomtom or garmin, google have just released their apps for the storm which work brilliantly – including calendar sync. The Itunes compatability is great, although i did have to download in install ‘media sync’ separately from the website. Haven’t figured out if you can get video podcasts on the storm yet tho.

    Oh by the way vodaphone, sort out the whole lack of storm car chargers out there! i am going to have to get mine off the web! – oh and lucky that the phone flips to landscape view, otherwise you could never charge the phone when it was in a car holder because the power hole is on the side – exactly where your car cradle would be gripping the phone! so you are forced to view the phone in landscape in the car….no biggy.

    have i missed anything… i dont think so, obviously there is no need to mention the obviously poor battery life. I hope a better battery is released soon. Also, a free storm 10,000 upgrade perhaps that has WiFi!

    Anyway, as soon as you are used to the way that the screen works, its great. I have to say that i think the storm vs bold scores above are the opposite way around. You wouldn’t want a bold instead of a storm unless you are particularly fussed about having physical keys.

    Saying that, i skipped out all the ‘inbetweeners’ and came straight from a w610i.

    I still think the iphone has better browsing capabilities with the finger movement thing and WiFi. But everyone has an iphone. Rather boring to be another person with one dont you think! Plus the storm looks built to last, it isn’t built from a mirror!

    As above, dont waste time replying to this message slating any grammar mistakes. Although i do have to admit, its quite funny that you spelt grammar wrong Jason!


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