To busy to text? Get Vlingo for your BlackBerry Storm

The Vlingo program can be downloaded for your BlackBerry Storm, Pearl, Bold or BlackBerry Curve, it’s a great program that allows you to talk to your BlackBerry, we are all busy people and do we have time to sit and type emails and texts, just talk your BlackBerry Storm through the email and voila if will write it for you, great also for those who have fingers to big for most mobile phone keypads.

The Vlingo software uses speech recognition technology that works through a variety function of your BlackBerry, you can just tell your phone to call someone from your address book, add a note and dial the number all this as well as access your mobile internet options with voice control and surf the web, oh and you can actually access facebook through Vlingo voice control too.

They have said on the Vlingo website the program is improving and the more you talk to your phone (isn’t this the first sign of madness?) the better the Vlingo service will work.

Download the software straight to your BlackBerry Storm if you’re lucky enough to have got your hands on one, or any other Research in Motion device, Pearl flip, Bold 9000 or the BlackBerry curve, the choice is yours.

Vlingo download


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