Apple iPhone will get Adobe Flash, But unlikely for RIM BlackBerry

If you are a BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve or lucky enough to be a BlackBerry Storm owner then I have some bad news, Adobe Flash is unlikely to come to Research in Motion Devices any time soon.

Although a lot of people consider flash to be irritating it is used on around 80 percent of internet video viewing and a lot of YouTube videos need Flash to view. However Apple and its forever popular iPhone could get Flash according to the guys over at Adobe who acquired Macromedia in 2005 who originally developed Flash.

Adobe is creating a program specifically for mobile usage called Flash Lite and will be available early 2009. They did state that they are working with Google Android platform with Flash support for the T-Mobile G1.

The director of technical marketing at Adobe continues to say that they are working on an iPhone version of Flash, however as usual no release date has been specified, as for BlackBerry it doesn’t seem much chance at all, mainly due to Java running on BlackBerry devices.

Source: apcmag


7 thoughts on “Apple iPhone will get Adobe Flash, But unlikely for RIM BlackBerry”

  1. Jon says:

    One of the many reasons I am thinking of getting rid of my 8320 and go with the G1 or switch to att for an iphone. For the time I have had it I have loved it though but not a business user so not much for the regular consumer.

  2. Larry says:

    I have had it with Verizon/Adobe/Flash player not getting it. Why is it that there is no Adobe flash player for the Blackberry Storm, or for any blackberry device for that matter, well… for any mobile phone device for that matter. I would very well switch to that device. Since approx 80% of website REQUIRE flash to veiw items, why is it that Adobe WILL NOT create an app that will work on mobile devices. (It rumored that maybe the iphone will be getting it). Verizon lied to me when they said the CURVE was a ‘full browser.’ WRONG because you can’t veiw flash required items. Then they LIED to me again (call me gullible) in stating that now the STORM definitely is a FULL browser. And there is no capability to even inquire on Adobe’s website without creating an account, for which you have to have ‘purchased’ a licensed product to do so. Catch 22 all over the place. This extreme ambiguity surrounding a functional mobile FLASH PLAYER (blackberry for example) on the internet is puzzling since a bulk of veiwable item require it. So if you have said mobile device, you are up the proverbial creek, in a chicken-wire boat. I’ve searched the internet today (2009.04.10) and in the past and found nothing. If someone would code/script/write a player to read flash items, I would gladly pay a nominal fee to be able to play/read/access the plethora of flash required item. WOULDN’T THAT BE A WORTHWILE MONEY MAKER FOR ADOBE. I don’t understand where the roadblock is. Whats the deal Adobe?

  3. guru says:

    Its surprisiing that a buk of content on internet is based on flash and the so much spoken blackberry bold doesnot even support adobe flash nor it has alternatives.
    Are there any other free downloads or softwares to repleace adone flash, atleast we can view the videos or content.
    Please suggest.

    My mail I’d is gurudathpaim@yahoo.com
    Regards, guru

  4. Marcus says:

    I know this article is very old but I find it very humorous how wrong everyone of you people commenting was and still is. The blackberry storm does have a full browser but you need to use Oprah web browser to really see it. Its just like using a pc with ie and the STORM is getting flash NOT iphone since apple is a bunch of tree huggers who think it will enable a bunch of spam pop ups. You need to be patient and it will come. But as far as the goods are concerned the blackberry has better video playback better camera pictures better ram and graphics and a TON of FREE apps and games. If you want a piece of crap phone that will nickle and dime you to death with all the goodies and some stupid pay aops that let you have a virtual pet then get your little iphone. But just to let you know the whole pocket pet b.s. became lame sometime in 96 but that’s what you get when your using a childs phone. Good luck with that.

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