Amzer Jelly Case for iPhone 3G Hands-on review

We here at Phones Review was sent the Amzer Jelly Case from www.fommy.com for the Apple iPhone 3G and must say first impression were not good ones, these are either cases you like or hate and personally I did not like them. After using it for a while though I soon changed my mind.

Ok to be honest these are not the best phone cases in the world and the makers do not claim they are, they are very cheap at only $8.95 and they do their job pretty well, so we say value for money. The Amzer Jelly Case we had sent to us is Ocean Blue, personally not the colour I would have chosen but hey it is about the case and not the colour.

The Amzer Jelly Case is made out of 100% premium silicone which makes them lightweight and durable and when you have your mobile phone in your hand especially the Apple iPhone 3G it makes the handset less slippery, I dropped my phone a few times and must say, without the case I would have probably seen a little crack in on the iPhone 3G’s plastic casing. These Amzer cases are good for accidental knocks and bumps (Please do not drive over them or drop phones from tall buildings because these cases are not designed for such punishment.

The main features of the Amzer Jelly Case are as follows:
– Brand new fashionable & flexible Jelly Case for iPhone 3G from Amzer!
– 100% premium synthetic rubber with FlexiGrip pattern.
– This flexi-grip pattern protects your device from dropped or bumped.
– Helps to prevent your device from sliding on soft surfaces or angles surfaces.
– Cutouts give easy access to the functionality.
– Quality material used for this skin provides shield and avoid scratches.
– This elegant skin-tight jelly case is perfectly manufactured to fit.
– Installation and removal are very easy.
– Protect your iPhone 3G at all times.
– The FlexiGrip design technology provides you a comfortable grip at the same time prevent your new iPhone 3G from accidental damages.
– Different colors available for your convenience.
– Material: Premium silicone material.
– Flexi-grip pattern

The jelly cases are only available from www.fommy.com and they cater for many other mobile phones such as Motorola, Samsung Instinct and BlackBerry Bold plus many others.

Phones Review Final Thoughts: Would we actually pay for the Amzer Jelly Case? Well yes would be our answer, ok they are not the best looking in the world and the one we received seemed to be a little tacky around the edges but we have seen others and they are perfect. They are very easy to put on your phone and as said above will protect your phone somewhat, they are great on slippery surfaces as well which is a good thing. These cases will near enough keep your iPhone dust free and splash free and do come in many different colours.

Below you can see many photos that we have taken plus there is a YouTube video below just for fun, if you want to learn more about these Amzer Jelly Cases please visit www.fommy.com

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