Apple iPhone 3G Vs T-Mobile G1 part 1 & 2 Video Reviews

Now it is always good business to compare two of the most popular mobile smartphones and these two videos we have added below should give you an idea of how the Apple iPhone and T-Mobile G1 Phone side by side pair up.

The reviewer in the videos basically shows you many features of each phone and compares the two together to see what one is better, personally we believe each of these phones have their good bits and bad bits.

The Apple iPhone 3G in our eyes looks much better in styling but we love the fact that the G1 has a slide out QWERTY keyboard; it is all about personal preferences. The Apple iPhone 3G gives you the menu screen soon as you turn it on whereas the G1 needs an extra click of a button to get to the menu screen, I could say a lot here but we recommend you watch the two videos below.


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