Samsung F480T now on Telstra: Who needs a standalone camera?

The Samsung F480T may have already launched in other parts of the world, but it’s now landed in Australia on Telstra, so good news for all the Australian touchscreen fans. The sleek credit card size of the F480T will be part of Telstra’s Next G range and has a speed rating of 7.2Mbps, which can’t be bad for something that looks so delicate.

You will also find the Samsung F480T as a full touchscreen and sports a great 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash (well you wouldn’t expect anything less from a Samsung mobile) plus you can view all your photos on the 2.8 inch LCD screen.

If you are looking to expand the memory, then you can with the SD expansion slot as the onboard memory is only 200 MB, you get Bluetooth 2.0, and you get access to Mobile FOXTEL and hapic feedback.

This great Samsung F480T is available now for free with Telstra as long as you sign a two year $60 contract, the suggested retail price for this handset is $829 and is available al varies plans.

Source: engadgetmobile


2 thoughts on “Samsung F480T now on Telstra: Who needs a standalone camera?”

  1. Verdandis confus says:

    i have this fone. its pretty good i think,juz read the manual thoroughly or its on confusing XD
    sometimes its a bit hard to scroll on the touch screen…

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