Apple iPhone vs BlackBerry Storm Review

Well the RIM BlackBerry Storm on Verizon Wireless is out, and it is only a matter of time before Research In Motion’s latest BlackBerry baby came up in comparison against the might of the Apple iPhone.

So let’s take a look. The BlackBerry Storm incorporates RIM’s new clickable touch-screen, it auto-rotates from portrait to landscape, and there is apparently a new download store for 3rd-party apps on its way. The BlackBerry Storm can also be use in Europe and other countries where most other Verizon handsets won’t.

The BlackBerry Storm does have a few advantages over the Apple iPhone such as a higher resolution screen, far better battery life, which is also removable, more memory, 9GB as opposed to the iPhone’s 8GB, a 3.2 camera as opposed to the iPhone’s 2 megapixels. But the one gut buster with the Storm is probably the lack of WiFi.

As for the Apple iPhone, well I won’t go into that as we all know just how good it is even though a lot don’t agree, but success speaks for itself. So is the BlackBerry Storm the “iPhone Killer”? Personally I think not.

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  1. herb lipton says:

    There seems to be a universal negative opinion about a number of the ‘storm’ alleged attributes. Does anyone have any idea if Blackberry will/can fix them. I have an interest in moving from my iphone to the storm but not untul they correct there problems.


  2. Ed says:

    I would have no interest in moving. iPhone came in and changed things. Now everybody is playing catch up. If you are a corporate drone then maybe the storm is for you. But I think the overall platform the iPhone has is better. You can get Exchange email, play arcade games and watch rented or purchased movies. Plus music.

    BTW iPhone also has a 16GB version not sure why that was left off.

  3. dc says:

    Got the storm (verizon) 11/21 and returned it 11/25. It is not ready to be released yet due to major sluggish performance. Typing or texting is a workout; not fun at all. Mine locked up many times and had to have the battery removed to reboot. Re-booting took more than 10 minutes. Don’t buy this unless it gets fixed. RIM may be able to fix some of the sluggish issues but the typing experience will never improve. Web browsing is also lousy with many rendering problems.
    The performance is not acceptable and Verizon should take most of the blame for releasing a sub par smart phone.

  4. Guys, BlackBerry has released a new firmware ( for the Storm. This release has Reduced lag and response time of the Storm. Users have reported that this release has made a huge difference in performance. Visit http://smartphone-guru.blogspot.com/2008/12/blackberry-storm-bug-fixes-with.html for a list of bugs fixed by the firmware update.

    The only bad thing is that this release is not for Apple Mac users. Yep, BlackBerry does not support Apple Mac that well… visit http://smartphone-guru.blogspot.com/2008/12/blackberry-storm-firmware-upgrades.html for System Requirements.

  5. Judd says:

    I love my iPhone more than any other piece of technology I own. Back in November of 2007, I had switched from my AT&T Blackjack to Verizon to get the Voyager (what a big mistake that was), because my parents did not want some 13 year old walking around with a $600 dollar phone sending the wrong message about my demeanor. It was the closest thing to the iPhone but it had a physical qwerty keyboard, while the iPhone did not. It was also 3G, while the iPhone was not. It had better service with Verizon, while the iPhone did not. The problem was, these things didn’t bother me. I wish I had gotten the iPhone earlier, because I remember that by February 2008, I was already constantly comparing my Voyager, to the iPhone. Things became inferior, and regardless of the things the Voyager did that the iPhone didn’t everything was secondary. All of the shared features left the Voyager in the dust, and I was convincing myself that I had made the correct choice. As more of my friends got rid of their Voyagers and started buying iPhones, I realized that the doubt I had was nothing short of “spot on.” I made a mistake.

    So, I spent the summer that year, watching EVERYONE buy their iPhone 3G’s, now trumping the Voyager by miles. I would walk into the Apple Store and feel like a wannabe, and it pissed me off. School started, and because I go to private school, everyone had it. Well, not everyone, but a lot of my friends.

    My Voyager began to drop off in the middle of EVERY phone call (NOT an exaggeration). Within 3 minutes of a call, my phone would DIE. I replaced the battery twice, no help. I finally realized it was the service. Obviously, Verizon does not offer as many 3G towers as it declares (and I live in Chicago, so I think I should’ve been more than covered). I talked to some Verizon reps and they told me that it had something to do with the phone using and searching for non-existent 3G signal, meaning that it was using the battery to boost the antenna to reach a 3G signal that was so weak that it almost wasn’t even there. I told my mom, and she said that it was a problem, and that she didn’t want me to deal with it anymore. It seems that no matter what Verizon says and all those “Verizon is better than AT&T” people say, the signal and service are EVERYTHING short of inadequate. If my parents were spending $130+ a month for a phone that was, if I may, decrepit, then I’d rather have them doing that on something worthwhile.

    So I switched back to AT&T for Hanukkah (thank god) and got a brand new (if I may add, very shiny), black 16GB iPhone 3G. Best decision I ever made. The only reason why Verizon will tell you that the iPhone can’t match up to their service and selection of other phones is because Apple refused their offer to be exclusive with them as opposed to AT&T (which, by the way, is Verizon’s biggest competitor). The people that tell you that Verizon is better are those who are angry at cancellation fees and wish they had a phone as great as the iPhone. They’re doing exactly what I was doing with my Voyager: looking for the non-existent good.

    My iPhone 3G is amazing, and if given the opportunity, buy it. You WILL spend the same (with relative plans) on Verizon as with AT&T, so it’s not worth pretending like that matters. The Storm has a god-awful touchscreen, because the screen actually pushes in. There is an electric current running through the flimsy screen that when touched to the “touch sensitive” LCD, creates a “push button” reaction. The iPhone has a glass screen, it’s safety glass, so it won’t shatter, only crack. Also, Verizon’s insurance is nothing compared to Apple Care (which replaces your battery for free and any other dangers or disrepairs that your phone may encounter).

    Trust me, Blackberry was never meant for multimedia, but for business. You cannot trust a first try until proved exceptional in most if not all categories. I made that mistake with my Voyager. Buy yourself an iPhone 3G, because you’ll really like it. If you don’t buy it, you will always have that “What if” following you around. And let me tell you, that sucks to have.

    Trust me, you’ll be making the right decision.

  6. DR says:

    I have used apple macs for years (since early 90s I think) because I’m the creative business. Never used a PC. And have numerous macs and ipods. I have just ordered (not arrived yet!) a Blackberry Bold because the iPhone is just too expensive, required me to move networks, did not have a keyboard and have heard so many stories about fiddling about with virtual buttons on a slippery screen… This last point is really major since I want to email via the device. I’ve tried someone’s iPhone and it really wasn’t good for typing. I want real buttons and if there was an alternative iPhone with this, I’d be tempted. And yes, I’d like music and gadgets but I believe BB has those as well. The Blackberry seems to be a real business tool, the iPhone a consumer ‘beauty’. And I know all about Apple (love them to bits) and hate PCs. So this purchase may be regarded as strange to some people, since the iPhone SHOULD be the one I’d buy. Apple should take note – I am a complete Apple fan and have bought a Blackberry. Please take that to your board meetings and discuss. (UK)

  7. Jason says:

    iPhone is better than blackberry storm in terms of user interface, and also the Blackberry storm does not have a basic feature like wifi, which is simply careless on Blackberry’s part.
    See ClashEm for a direct comparison between the iphone and storm.

  8. Austin Arita says:

    I think that once RIM comes out with the new OS they have under their sleeve at the moment, the storm will be on par with the iphone.
    I know this bevise I am curently running the leaked OS .113 and it is almost as fast as the iphone – I hate to say it since I love apple, but the storm’s hardware is miles ahead of th
    Iphone’s, but the OS is holding it back.
    Email is superior to the iphone’s, but the browsing is a little worse than the iphone’s.
    The storm’s clickscreen, although it requires some learning, is wonderful.
    I typed this post in a little less than five minutes (considering its a phone, that’s fast.)

  9. Judd says:

    Really? Five minutes? You think that’s fast? Well I hate to break it to you but that’s kind of pathetic. The fact that the blackberry requires clicking with effort rather than simple touching is just one of the countless reasons why more people are buying the iphone rather than the blackberry.

    And even though blackberry is releasing a new OS, the iPhone is too, which includes all of the things that blackberry has that the iPhone did not originally. Mms, push, multiple attachments, etc.

    Go return your storm, trust me.

  10. Just My Opinion says:

    Well I just changed from my iPhone to the Storm about a month ago. In my opinion both phones have there pluses and minuses. The one major difference is the provider. I gave up my iPhone because of the lousy service. I lost calls and connections on a regular basis. The month I have been with Verizon has been great I do not recall dropping 1 call. Thanks Verizon

  11. Robert W says:

    I agree with dc, The blackberry storm has one critical failure, that ridiculous mechanical touch screen. I hope blackberry makes a non clicking non mechanical touch screen. It’s the reason I sold mine.

  12. mjaeger says:

    I’ve had owned both of these as i can say that there is no comparison between the two.
    First; how can you say in you review above
    ‘advantages over the Apple iPhone far better battery life,!!! you cannot be serious! my iphone lasts for days, (charge it up monday morning, over 20% left tuesday evening) where as my storm used to run out at 4.30pm monday afternoon! fact!
    The storm has the worst antenna fitted to any smartphone i’ve ever had (might be something to do with voda-foneee) and no wifi!!! the whole feeling is that the storm was rushed into production and release because of the success of the iphone and touch, with very little thought given to the finished product.

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