Get your iPhone 3G gift cards via Apple Store Online

Apple’s iPhone 3G will be on many Apple fans Christmas list this year, not surprising really with the ability to download and use hundreds of applications as well as using the iPhone 3G to surf the web easily, you can use it as a iPod and listen to your downloaded music and also take photo’s and view them with the giant widescreen, so the Apple iPhone 3G is the perfect gift for anyone.

Of course as a gift it may seem very expensive so why don’t you purchase a iPhone 3G gift card, you can pay from £25 to $2500 and as many as ten cards at a time.

If you receive a gift card it’s really simple, you just take it to a Apple Store and use it as part payment against a new iPhone 3G.

The gift card has a few other uses, you can arrange a meeting with an Apple specialist who will help you set up your iPhone as you wish and you can create a new iPhone account online.

Source: Macdailynews

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