RIM BlackBerry Storm does have OS problems

According to reports, Research In Motion’s super BlackBerry baby the Verizon BlackBerry Storm has been released with a buggy operating system. Boy Genius Report sat they have acquired internal documents from Verizon which are a type of troubleshooting guide for Verizon staff, and warns them of the problem with the Storm’s OS.

Apparently it is suggested that the flawed v4.7.0.65 firmware will be replaced by an over the air update in December. However at the moment BlackBerry Storm owners are reporting issues and problems with their Storms.

Storm issues such as music at low volume using a wired headset, the music volume may suddenly increase to the highest level; handset may reset itself while sitting idle or while using multimedia application; intermittently lose email connectivity via CDMA and/or international roaming mode, and more which can be found at BGR.

Source — BGR


2 thoughts on “RIM BlackBerry Storm does have OS problems”

  1. This is terrible news. As a Canadian, I was quite excited for the launch over here, but I’ve been reading so many negative reviews I’m not sure if I’ll make the switch. RIM reputations will undoubtedly be hurt by this, especially since they delayed for so long because to ‘refine’ the product. Too bad.

  2. Chris B says:

    This is not as much of a rant as it sounds but my total experience over the past month, what a wonderful month it was.

    I have had all of the above problems and more. I am sending mine back today as soon as customer service opens on the east coast. I have never been so frustrated with a device in my life! Oh…and when the screen flips on its own for no apparent reason or the keyboard appears or disappears at will….I have no 3G service anywhere but someone sitting next to me with an i phone has no issues at all. The next feature I love is the addition of dropped calls for no reason. Next when tethered to my laptop the connection on broadband is 3x slower than dial up and then it will drop the connection right at the end of the DL.
    This phone may be great someday if they keep developing it after debugging the current problems but I can’t ever believe the click screen in its current form will be easy to use or even less than frustating. I would rather just carry my laptop for apps and a normal dependable cellphone for the time being. I’m in a two year contract with Verizon with 4 lines and that is probably the only thing preventing the jump to At&t, the i phone and I’m sure they know it.
    Bottom line I wouldn’t tell anyone to buy this phone for any reason unless they like to carry a heavy usless brick in their pocket just for laughs or if they are entertained by frustrating devices with limited connectivity. I think I’ll just revert to a reliable phone like the enV2. This marks the end of early tech adoption on cellphones for me as I’ve lost a month of mobile life due to this brick.

    I’ve had other smartphones and this is the the “sling Blade” of smartphones.
    I’m an IT professional used to complicated devices and new technology so a few bugs aren’t usually enough to bother me but this phone has frustrated me to no end. Goodbye Storm.

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