Virgin Mobile UK: 30p per day web tariff launched

Now here’s a neat tariff from Virgin Mobile, they have just rolled out their causal user tariff for daily web surfing and is available for those on contract and on PAYG customers as well.

Apparently the casual user tariff has a daily limit of 25MB at 30 pence per day, but whether Virgin Mobile actually enforce that limit remains to be seen. For those who simply just check their Facebook or similar social networking site, the casual user tariff may work out just dandy.

Those who use heavier web usage per day would probably be better off looking for a different tariff that suits their need better. Virgin is also offering a new mobile web portal to entice more users to go online, and the casual user tariff will become available as of the 8th of December.

Source — techdigest


One thought on “Virgin Mobile UK: 30p per day web tariff launched”

  1. Mark says:

    Not one of the sites reporting this news has sufficiently investigated to realise that Virgin currently offer the Bites service free to contract users, and those users will therefore now effectively have £9 added to their bill if they continue to use the service in the same way.

    This is a major price hike to what should be the most valued customers.

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