.tel domain wants to be mobile phone online global phonebook

.tel is the latest top level domain extension and is now open for business, and bringing a twist on the DNS, rather than simply acting as a website address, the .tel domain has been designed to act as a repository for contact date and lists phone numbers, Google keywords, physical addresses, websites, and email addresses in the .tel entry, company and individuals can make themselves easier to get hold of.

Although .tel sales is only open to brand owners up until 3rd of Feb, Telnic plans to market registry to the individual who wishes to manage their career and social life online, by way that .tel could include social networking such as Facebook and MySpace links, IM contacts, and CV info.

Telnic is encouraging developers to integrate .tel into mobile phone apps with a view to it taking off as a system that helps users avoid any hassle when entering new contact details, while owners of a .tel domain could include mobile location in their entry.

Up until 24th of March the best .tel domains are to be sole at a premium and general availability comes after at about £15.00 per year.

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  1. I was hoping for more information, as to most people this is something new. Some people compare the .tel with the .com. Now, I don’t know if they’ll go that far, very doubtful, but it definitely seems to be something worth considering, better than the .mobi .eu and .us of the recent past.

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