Nokia update to firmware v12.043 for N96

The European Nokia N96 has a new firmware released from Nokia. The European version of the Nokia N96 is based on the S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 platform and firmware v12.043 is now available for download via Nokia Software Update application, a free program for Windows powered computers.

There are other reports that firmware V12.043 is also available via the Nokia N96’s firmware OTA program simply type *#0000# form the Nokia N96’s standby screen and press Options- Check for update.

The word from several who have updated their Nokia N96 to v12.043 is that it brings enhanced stability along with a bug fix for the much reported about key press bug, and enhanced menu speed has also been added.

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One thought on “Nokia update to firmware v12.043 for N96”

  1. Ahssan says:

    Trust me people this update is worth it and it actually does speed up your phone! but during the update, there is a chance that the nokia software updater may lose connection with your phone and your phone will get stuck at the test mode. (like mines did) but not to worry because all you need to do is take the battery and cable out, then re-insert it and connect the cable then finally click the power button for 1 second. then you will hear a beep on your pc. then click retry and this will solve your problem!

    If you have any problems email me on ahssan_786@hotmail.com

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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