RIM BlackBerry Storm being returned at an alarming rate?

The Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm, the big deal for RIM in its fight against the Apple iPhone seems to be facing some problems which are causing Storm owners to return their new smartphone.

Verizon Wireless has extended its returns policy to January 19th 09 for all mobile phones purchased since the 16th of November which is before the BlackBerry Storm went on sale. And word is getting round that many people are already returning their BlackBerry Storm.

Word is that 40 — 50% of BlackBerry Storm’s are being returned, which seems rather high, and when asked, a Verizon representative wouldn’t comment of the Storm’s returns rate, although since RIM updated the Storm thing have got a little better.

So, let’s hear from anyone out there who wasn’t satisfied with their BlackBerry Storm and returned it.

Source — alleyinsider


2 thoughts on “RIM BlackBerry Storm being returned at an alarming rate?”

  1. SkateNY says:

    I’m a software developer for handhelds, so I test virtually every new product that I believe might make a difference. The Storm sucks. Period. I’ve made more money developing for the iPhone than I have with every other handheld combined.

  2. Rick White says:

    I am still working with the Storm. I realize the typing screen takes getting use to. I am not pleased with no wifi. However, in most areas I travel the 3g is available and the phone works great. Please keep us updated. I wondered if the phone was being returned and at what rate? Please post more info. Too bad it is getting such bad reviews and was pushed to market before it was ready to be public tested. The public/consumer should not have to be the one that tests beta phones. To that degree I blame Veizona & RIM. I will wait to pass final judgement. Just wished that it was form the get go a blowaway (got to have) phone. The question is whether RIm will continue to support the Sure Press screen if it bombs. Then folks are stuck under a 2 yr contract.

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