Video: iBoobs for Apple iPhone rejected has Apple made a boob?

Apple seem to be somewhat of a prude when it comes to Apple iPhone applications that are just a bit of fun, as they have decided to put the halts on what could have been a real big seller with hot blooded males.

From Mystic Game Developments comes iBoobs for the iPhone and features, well animated boobs. Not naked boobs either but bikini clad boobs that wobble and jiggle when the iPhone is shaken.

Personally I think Apple has made the wrong decision over iBoobs as all it is, is a laugh. It’s not like it’s pornographic or even real. I find it difficult to understand Apple’s mind on such things, they allow such apps as “Pull My Finger” but throw out iBoobs.

There’s a video below, take a look and make up your won mind. What are your views iPhoners?

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