Samsung will roll out its own 4G Chips: WiMAX and LTE

Samsung (SEO:005930) the Korean giant will be churning out it s own WiMAX and LTE based phones, some have already been able to sample Samsung’s very own WiMAX silicon as they have been available in small quantities to other companies and of course their own phone guys.

So you won’t be needing to pick off the 3G technology stickers soon on any new Samsung phone, although might have to wait a little longer for the LTE based technology as this is still work in progress.

Samsung have been very smart by doing things in house, not only are they going to keep costs down from not paying hefty royalties, which should help them in the global financial crisis but soon all phones will need the technology on board, so Samsung will be ready and waiting to go whilst others scramble to stay on top.

Source: Engadget

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