Recycling mobile phones helps save endangered species

Did you know that a mobile phone uses a small amount of minerals derived from clotan ore, and that coltan ore is mined, and with roughly a billion mobile phones sold worldwide annually that’s a great deal of mining.

Now that in itself may not mean anything to the mobile phone user, but when you consider the coltan mines are actually the habitat of an endangered gorilla it’s somewhat shocking to know.

There are 9 million mobile handsets sold in Australia annually and if all these handsets were recycled it would deliver $4.5 million towards gorilla conservation efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I guess the moral here is recycling your old mobile handset as you never really know just how much help that can achieve.

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3 thoughts on “Recycling mobile phones helps save endangered species”

  1. It is a shame. However, there are a number of great phone recycling schemes out there, and many of them are on the web too. The fashion at the moment seems to be companies paying you to recycle your mobile phone, so there is another incentive to recycle your old handsets.

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