Original Nokia N95-1 gets firmware update 31.0.017

For owners of an aging Nokia mobile phone its real good to know Nokia doesn’t simply forget about you and eventually pushes out a rare upgrade.

This time round Nokia has stepped back into its past and issues a firmware update for the original N95 and by original N95 we mean N95-1 style.

The firmware update 31.0.017 is said to be only a minor update, but nevertheless it’s an update and can be gained via the Nokia software updater and possibly one that N95 owners may not wish to take advantage of if there are still running an older but hackable version.

Source — symbian-freak


7 thoughts on “Original Nokia N95-1 gets firmware update 31.0.017”

  1. P says:

    Hackable is probably a reference to installing applications etc. that are not signed. If you do not have the ability to sign software, you can hack the phone to accept unsigned items.

    I presume this has to be tweaked for a new firmware

  2. NKVD says:

    Nokia n95 Classic , original Orange, debranded, with 31.0.17 firmware. Everything works fine and even better, and all the programs installs fine (I use SignSIS GUI v1.0 by ladiko and a IMEI based certificate from OPDA ).

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