Videos: Palm Pre video round-up

All eyes are now on Palm’s latest smartphone the Palm Pre and webOS, so I thought I’d grab a few videos and put them together in one post so our readers can gain an overall video impression of just what the Palm Pre and webOS has to offer.

What better way to get to know what the Palm Pre is all about than watching it in action, it’s far better to see what those who have actually got to grips with the Palm pre have to say, and you get the visual element as well, it’s not all the videos available, but gives you an idea.

So, without further blustering from me, I give you the Palm Pre Video round-up…enjoy.



One thought on “Videos: Palm Pre video round-up”

  1. Ramses says:

    Hi, 1. I’d like to know if Internet is required for the Pre to work (function) as with the i-phone. 2. Since I’m in medical field, I’d like to know if I can use my medical applications like pharmacology, pathology, and etc… in the Pre as I have used them in my palm. 3. Where can I purchase one that is unlock since I don’t have sprint as a mobile provider? Does a DVD come comes with the pre to teach how to operate it or is it built into the phone?

    Thank you

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