Peek cashes in on promotion for Obama inauguration

The inauguration of the 44th president of the United |States of America, Barack Obama, is a huge thing and everyone is looking to cash in on the occasion, and thus to honour President Obama’s inauguration, Peek offers their email only Peek mobile device for $44.00 but only for 44 hours.

Basically a gimmick to sell a few mobile devices by Peek and using the 44 as a tag…$44.44 for 44 hours to honour the 44th president, and just to sweeten the deal Peek will give away a free Peek handheld to anyone who has a “1600” address, which is of course the president’s Pennsylvania Avenue address.

So there it is cashing in on a newsworthy event as a promotion opportunity at its best from Peek, well at least a few people may get one of their devices for $44.44.

Source — Peek


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