More Android Cupcake screenshots still no arrival though

Cupcake for Google Android, will it ever get here? We’ve been shown videos, images, read the rumours and the like, which have simply just taken forever to get anywhere near real. But while you T-Mobile G1ers wait and wait we have what appears to be another round of Cupcake images for you.

Yes, it seems this is about as close as any Android nut is going to get to Cupcake, well for now anyway…more screenshot of the elusive update.

Not a great deal to get excited about, one screenshot shows the Cupcake firmware as being 1.5, but other than that nothing major, and well the screens could always be photoshopped, but just why anyone would waste their time doing that I can’t understand, so take tem as real for now.

Source — android central


3 thoughts on “More Android Cupcake screenshots still no arrival though”

  1. If anyone is still looking for cupcake or something similar, look no further than the android market. There’s 2 apps there that strongly resemble the cupcake details. The messaging app “chompSMS” and the web browser “Steel”. They both have on screen keyboards and auto rotate. Why hold your breath for cupcake when it already exists in essence on the market?

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