Pantech IM-S410K Sky Wind may just blow you away

Now here’s a mobile phone for all the “blowhards” out there. Pantech is looking to take the blowing on a handset to the heights with their Korea bound Pantech IM-S410K Sky Wind mobile phone.

The Pantech IM-S410K Sky Wind mobile phone is powered by Fantalog interactive’s Emotion Engine software which recognises long and short blows of air through the handset’s microphone.

These blows are then utilised to change wallpaper, taking phones thus leaving both hands to stabilise the handset, and adjusting the screen brightness. The IM-S410K Sky Wind also has an accelerometer with controls movement detection within the camera. May also see more mobile handsets like this as Pantech has a 3 year exclusivity deal on the engine.

Source — asia.cnet

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