Video: Appliya announce new Katana digital sword app

Appliya is announcing a major update to its Katana app, a digital sword application that lets you unleash your inner samurai. They have listened to input from its customers, and produced an even more exciting swordplay app. The upgrade is available now in the Apple iTunes store.

Features in this update include: updated sounds, automatic sheathing disabled by user request (blade returns to scabbard only when user touches screen), new background images and updated art for the katana scabbard.

To use the app, pull out your sword by dragging the scabbard on the touch screen, and as you swing your iPhone/iPod Touch, you’ll hear realistic sword-fighting sounds. Return the blade to its scabbard to hear your defeated enemies fall to the ground. Users can experiment with different swinging movements for various sound effects, and also simulate real samurai sword techniques from Iaido, the traditional Japanese sword-fighting art. For more information about the $2.99 app visit Appliya, also watch the video below.

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