Android Dev Phone 1 gains official Android 1.1 update

When it comes to firmware updates for the Android Dev Phone 1, owners are pretty much expected to take care of it themselves, but for Android Dev Phone 1 users who prefer an official update Google has put out Android 1.1 firmware update for the unlocked version of the T-Mobile G1.

Android 1.1 includes a few fixes to do with POP3 accounts, but paid applications are now also supported, but with a small catch which is owners of the Android Dev Phone 1 will not be able to access any paid apps which use Android’s copy protection.

This is due to the Android Dev Phone 1 being rooted out of the box and thus able to read and write the folder protected applications are stored in. So although the Dev Phone 1 can access unprotected apps this probably will only be a handful.

Source — phandroid

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