Can Android sales out-do Apple iPhone by 2012?

The Google Android platform gains more and more interest with every passing day, and several mobile phone manufacturers are looking at taking up Android for future handsets, so the future of Android is looking reasonably well.

The Apple iPhone 3G, obviously the most successful mobile handset in the history of mobile phones, the coverage alone on the launch of the Apple iPhone was tremendous, and the iPhone still remains a much sort after handset.

But has the Apple iPhone had its day? Is the Apple iPhone fading in the shadow of Android? Can Android sales out do the Apple iPhone by 2012?

Maybe, maybe not, I would think it depends on just what Apple has up their sleeve. No doubts Android will do well, but Apple isn’t going to sit back and just say here take it.

Now here’s an interesting thought that just struck me…how about the next generation Apple iPhone sporting Android?

What do you think?

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