LG Rumor 2 renamed as LG Banter for Alltel

Well earlier I posted about the LG Rumor 2 becoming available on Sprint; well it now appears that Alltel is putting out their own version of the LG Rumor 2 mobile handset.

Verizon’s little bro, Alltel will offer the LG Rumor 2 under the new name of the Banter. The Banter mobile handset is now up on the Alltel website, and is still the same as the LG Rumor 2; the only change is the name.

Alltel hasn’t placed any price for the Banter on the website as yet but we are assuming that they will at least match the price of the LG Rumor 2 on Sprint.

So different name, different carrier, which would you choose?

Source — phonearena


2 thoughts on “LG Rumor 2 renamed as LG Banter for Alltel”

  1. bryan says:

    the 2 phones r not the same. both phones have a different design. the lg banter is more sqare but the phone have the same sized screen and r pretty much the same size all together. also the rumor comes in colors black/titanium, black/vibrant blue, or black/burnt orange. with the banter u can by the phone color evryday. the banter has changeable faceplates that u can change whenever. u can change it from siver to blue to green. its rlly cool. both fantastic phones tho.

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