Motorola on its way back according to analyst?

Motorola’s stock price hovers at $3.00 per share which is its lowest in a while; Motorola, over the last 6 months has shed 7000 staff, and Motorola hasn’t actually had a great selling mobile phone in ages, so one could say Motorola’s future looks decidedly bleak.

However, according to Ittai Kidron, an Oppenheimer analyst, Motorola may just warrant another look and says, “With sentiment at an all-time low and investors’ attention lost, we believe Motorola warrants another look. Given limited downside to the stock, we’re bullish on Motorola.”

Basically, Motorola is at an all-time low so nab some stock on the cheap and sit back and watch it grow. And the reason Kidron is saying this is because Motorola is expected to launch around ten new smartphones in the 2nd half of this year.

All well and good, but launching ten new smartphones doesn’t sell ten new smartphones does it. You can push out as many smartphones as you like but it the public don’t like then they won’t sell.

Source — informationweek

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