Why Nokia is shedding 1,700 Jobs Worldwide: Are you affected?

Nokia is shedding a massive 1,700 Jobs Worldwide and we want to know if you are affected, the telecoms giants are cutting jobs because the recession has hit mobile phone sales and this is the only way they can cope with the fall in demand for mobile phones.

It has not been disclosed on how many jobs in the UK they will cut as of yet; Nokia in the UK are based in Cambridge, London and Farnborough are cutting costs to cope with the recession and they also plan to scale sales, technology management and marketing to match such global consumer demand.

700-hundred jobs will be cut in Finland alone which leaves another 1,000 jobs around the world to be cut, employees will not be told until Nokia has consulted with unions and employee representatives.

Now with the mobile phone industry suffering the crisis it makes us all wonder how far gone the damage has been done and what we can do to help bring it back up to its peak. Nokia alone is planning to cut costs by €700m (£647m), please let us know if you work for Nokia and if you are affected by these job cuts.



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