Apple iPhone 3.0 OS Success: Over 100 New Features

As you probably know by now, the Apple iPhone 3.0 OS has been previewed and is available to iPhoner developers, and is expected to hit the general iPhoning public sometime in the summer.

Apple iPhone 3.0 OS packs in more than 100 new features for the iPhoner including trun by turn driving instructions. So here are a few more of those enhancements the iPhoner can expect…

iPhone 3.0 OS will offer the ability to cut and paste text across multiple applications… background notification of text and instant messages via sound, text or badge alerts… peer-to-peer Bluetooth connections… automatic login at Wi-Fi hot spots… access to Google and Yahoo shared calendars…forward and delete multiple messages… shake to shuffle… view email and text in landscape mode and type emails on a landscape-mode virtual keyboard… stereo Bluetooth…and MMS.

Source — twice

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