iPhone 3.0, Nintendo DS or Sony PSP: Choose your Gaming Device

The Apple iPhone, with the arrival of iPhone 3.0 shows that Apple wants the Apple iPhone 3G to become more of a game player and possibly grab a larger percentage of the gaming market.

Portable gaming is very popular with the likes of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, and Apple wants a piece of that portable gaming market; and with iPhone 3.0 it may well be possible to achieve this.

The iPhone 3.0 SDK features in excess of 1000 new features, many of them directly improve the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch gaming experience. There are over 30 million iPhone and iPod’s in the public’s hands, and thus Apple could well become a force which could snatch a larger piece of the gaming market.

So, given the choice would you game on an iPhone rather than a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP?

Source — product-reviews

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