Apple iPhone OS 3.0 has tweaked podcast features

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 has over 100 new features and Apple only demonstrated a few of those features, what they didn’t demonstrate is the tweaked podcast interface gained with the iPhone OS 3.0.

So let’s enlighten you a bit further; MobileCrunch has uncovered several previously unannounced features with the podcast that can be found with Apple iPhone OS 3.0 and are as follows…

Mail icon allows you to email podcasts’ iTunes links…no more Podcast Shuffle or Repeat in iPhone 3.0 OS… Playback-speed control…30 second rewind button…and variable playback search.

There obviously will be more unannounced goodness that over time will come to light and as soon as we hear about them we’ll pass it along.

Source — mobilecrunch

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