BlackBerry gains new TwitterBerry 0.9a update

For BlackBerry and Twitter fans everywhere, TwitterBerry has now released a new version TwitterBerry 0.9a that delivers a load of improvements over the previous TwitterBerry 0.8.

TwitteryBerry 0.9a is still in beta so there will still be a few issues, but some of the new features in TwitterBerry 0.9a are…

Includes improved TwitPic support such as the ‘Send to TwitterBerry’ menu in the Media application when viewing images… WiFi support for all connections… TwitPic progress bar, to show the progress of the upload… full tweets on the list screen.

Also…Improved network connectivity, adding support for WAP 2.0… re-Tweet tweets from timelines or tweet views… hyperlink “@username” in tweets to visit their timeline…multiple bug fixes…optional HTTPS SSL support on all authenticated requests…and background on close under ‘Configure’.

Source — Crackberry

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