New Apple iPhone coming in June confirm AT&T

It looks like there is definitely a new Apple iPhone on its way as hinted at in the iPhone OS 3.0 software as although we don’t know who or where, someone high up in AT&T has let a few things slip.

Apparently what has been reported is there will be a new Apple iPhone announcement around mid June and this new iPhone will be faster. Also U-Verse iPhone app will allow the iPhoner to control their home DVR.

Furthermore it was said the annual iPhone launch is “becoming a tradition,” which we all know anyway, also iPhone OS 3.0 should tell us where the iPhone platform is headed. And the $99 3G Apple netbook is to begin selling this summer. Oh and apparently all this is 100 percent confirmed.

Source — BGR


One thought on “New Apple iPhone coming in June confirm AT&T”

  1. amos tindell says:

    what good will a faster iphone be if we do not have 3G available in our area?? I am paying now for something I can not use. I do not have 3G in my area and do not expect it anytime soon. maybe I will go back to Alltel and one of their data phones. at least they have streaming video.

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