Samsung Trance gets detailed via leaked slide

Seems like Samsung phones are getting leaked all over the place as not long after The Samsung SCH U490 got branded for Verizon Wireless as the Samsung Trance more slides leak out showing up a few more details.

The leaked Samsung Trance slide confirms the Samsung Trance will be a slider form factor and feature a Mobile Web 2.0 browser, microSDHC slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Apart from that there’s not much more that can be gleaned from the slide spec wise, but no doubt we will be hearing all about the Verizon branded Samsung Trance at CTIA.

Source — phonearena


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  1. this phone is okay reveiwed but personally i hated it. the touch screen is way to sensative and there is no good apps for it. also there is no camcorder and the camera works terrible. you cannot see a thing wen u take a picture.

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