Sony Ericsson Idou captured in live images

If you are a Sony Ericsson smartphone fan and looking for some cool live images of the Sony Ericsson Idou then this is the post to read as the Sony Ericsson Idou has just be pictured.

There’s not a great deal of info on the Sony Ericsson Idou other than its Idou stylus that we’ve sort of seen before. But there are a load of clear clean Sony Ericsson Idou shots, and that’s good as we haven’t seen much on the Sony Ericsson Idou since MWC 2009

One thing we do learn is that the Sony Ericssson Idou looks to be powered by a 1000 mAh Li-Po battery so should be able to at least last a day in the average user’s hands. As well as the Idou live images the guys over at Fony.SK also show several screens of the Sony Ericsson Idou OS.

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